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When you visit your loved one in his or her nursing home, be observant. Take in all the sights, sounds, and smells of the facility and have multiple conversations with your loved one about the care he or she receives. Making yourself a regular, observant presence in your loved one’s life is the best way to protect him or her from suffering a worsened physical or psychological condition due to abuse or neglect. If anything seems “off” about your loved one or his or her nursing home, he or she could be suffering from abuse or neglect.

Being neglected can have a long-term impact on a nursing home resident, such as his or her physical deterioration or worsened mental health. In many cases, neglect occurs in nursing homes because staff members are stretched too thin by their many residents and their duties with each. Below are some signs that your loved one is being neglected by his or her caretakers. Keep an eye out for these signs when you visit and if you are concerned about something you observe, discuss it with your loved one’s caretakers.



His or Her Room is Dirty

Nursing homes have custodial staff tasked with cleaning residents’ rooms. If your loved one’s room is dirty, the staff is not doing their job correctly and your loved one’s health could be at risk. Check the room for dirty sheets, dust accumulation, overflowing trash cans, and any other signs that the room is not being kept up properly.

He or She is Withdrawn or Anxious

If your loved one displays a sudden change in demeanor, he or she could be a victim of neglect. If your loved one is suddenly withdrawn, anxious, irritable, or otherwise behaving out of character, ask his or her caretaker about the amount of social interaction he or she receives. Neglect can have a significant psychological toll on its victim, especially in victims who are suffering from dementia.

Your Loved One’s Health has Deteriorated

If your loved one’s medical condition suddenly becomes worse, he or she could be suffering from neglect. Forms of physical neglect include:

  • Failing to provide the resident with nutritious food;
  • Failing to provide the resident with adequate water;
  • Failing to provide the resident with the medication he or she needs; and
  • Failing to attend to any injuries the resident suffers in a timely manner.

If your loved one suddenly loses a significant amount of weight, this can be a tell-tale sign of neglect.

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Work with a Waukegan Nursing Home Neglect Lawyer

If you observe any of the behaviors or characteristics listed above during a visit with your loved one in his or her nursing home, he or she could be a victim of neglect. Keep a record of all that you observe that supports your suspicion and bring this record to an experienced nursing home neglect lawyer to discuss your loved one’s condition and whether you have grounds for a neglect claim. Do not wait to take action if your loved one is suffering. Contact The Law Offices of Robert T. Edens, P.C. today to schedule your initial consultation with our firm.



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