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Verdict: Not Guilty

Date: December 2010

County: Cook

PLTF Medical: Dr. Scott Otto (general surgeon), Dr. Scot R. Christiansen (Family Practice) Dr. Dennis Hoffman (Pulmonologist), Richard Iasaacson, D.D.S. (Oral Surgeon) and Dr. Grant Geissler (Pediatric Surgeon)

PLTF Experts: Michael Dilich (Accident Reconstruction)

DEF Experts: David Sallmann (Accident Reconstruction)

Summary: Parties were on their way to Great American when the driver missed her turn and gets lost. The driver stated that she turned left into a driveway to turnaround. Plaintiff’s car was struck by Defendants vehicle. Plaintiff contended that the Defendant tried to improperly pass her on the left. Plaintiff’s minor child was airlifted to Lutheran General Hospital. She sustained lacerations to her spleen and liver and a non-displaced fracture to her right temporomandibular joint.

Category: Car Accidents, Other Cases