Top 3 Reasons Your Insurance Company Can Use to Deny Auto Accident Claims

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The U.S. insurance industry has trillions of dollars in assets and it pays its CEOs more than any other industry. However, this does not stop them from take advantage of policyholders. Most insurance companies try to up-sell policies to their clients, even though they may not need them, or deny claims to valid insurance holders…. Read more »

Essential Driving License Phases in Illinois

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If you have lived in Illinois for a while, you know how bad the traffic can get – not just on the holidays or on snow days. Aggressive drivers are the norm in Chicago and so are accidents. However, the state also has strict licensing laws, which prevent potentially irresponsible drivers from getting behind the… Read more »

Hand and Wrist Injuries Following a Car Crash

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The most common injuries caused by car accidents are injuries to the hand and the wrist, which are often a result from the force of the impact. In some cases, hand and wrist injuries can prove to be very serious and can severely impact a person’s day-to-day life. Some fractures heal and realign; therefore, they… Read more »

Elements of a Negligence Case in an Auto Accident

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What is an Element? Auto accidents are distressing and become even more challenging for the plaintiff to win a negligence lawsuit following an unfortunate auto accident. It’s essential for any plaintiff to prove every single “element” that represents and proves the negligence of the defendant. Elements that Need to be Satisfied In order to hold… Read more »

Hidden Dangers of Speeding

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People often underestimate the risks of speeding and drive faster than the posted speed limit, which reduces their ability to control their vehicle, as well as decreases their reaction time, leading to accidents. As per the statistics available on the NHTSA website, 9,717 people in the U.S. lost their lives due to speeding in 2017… Read more »