Round Lake, IL Personal Injury Attorney – Man Assulted Outside Nightclub

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Plaintiff was attempting to enter a nightclub on New Years Eve when he was assaulted by a man posing as the bouncer.  The Defendant was checking IDs, moving the ropes, and allowing people to enter the nightclub.  Plaintiff suffered a broken nose, fractured cheekbone, requiring septoplasty surgical repair of the nose and internal fixation of… Read more »

Lake County, IL Attorney – Police Brutality – Verdict: Not Guilty

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Date: February 2011 Plaintiff’s Doctor: Dr. Anne Marie Doppenberg (Radiologist) and Dr. Rick Gimbel (Emergency Medicine) Summary: Plaintiff, a convicted felon on parole, ran from police officer to avoid discovery of the marijuana he had. Police officer caught Plaintiff and charged him with possession. Plaintiff alleges that the police officer punched him in the face twice,… Read more »

Barrington IL Personal Injury Attorney – Police Brutality – Verdict: $50,000

Posted by & filed under . Date: January 2011 Plaintiff’s Doctors: Dr. Lafayette Singleton (Neurologist), Dr. Isam Nasr (Emergency Medicine) and Dr. Eleanor Lilliam Cheng (Ophthalmologist) Summary: Plaintiff was handcuffed by the police and taken into custody. Plaintiff stated that he was punched and beaten by the officers arresting him. Neighbors witnesses the beating. Plaintiff goes on to allege that… Read more »