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Plaintiff, 19 years of age, underwent surgery to implant a phakic intraocular lens in her left eye.  The surgery was performed by Defendant ophthalmologist Kovach.  It was supposed to correct her nearsightedness.  After the surgery the Plaintiff developed increased intraocular pressure which was not properly diagnosed and treated.  The Plaintiff sustained permanent enlargement and...

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Defendant Universal Maintenance was hired to clean the carpets at Plaintiff’s place of employment.  Plaintiff contended that that Defendant cleaned the carpets but failed to place fans, butcher paper, or warning signs on the wet carpeting.  Plaintiff walked onto the carpeting and then stepped onto a tile floor where she slipped and fell because he shoes were wet from the carpeting.  ...

Category: Fractures, Tears, and Dislocations, Knee Injuries, Repair and Replacement, Leg Injuries, Premises Liability,

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Plaintiff bicyclist was traveling in a designated bicycle lane when Defendant exists a car wash and collides with the Plaintiff.  The Plaintiff’s chin hit and cracked the Defendant’s windshield.  Plaintiff also suffered a right knee contusion and left shin contusion and later noticed sciatic pain down her left leg.  Defendant admitted negligence but contended that the collision was...

Category: Bicycle Accidents, Knee Injuries, Repair and Replacement, Leg Injuries, Other,

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Plaintiff claimed that Defendant’s vehicle sideswiped his car while both were traveling northbound on Jefferson St. in Chicago.  Plaintiff claimed that his cause him to suffer from soft tissue neck and back injuries.  The defense asserted that the Plaintiff pulled out of a parallel parking spot without looking and struck defendant’s vehicle and that the Plaintiff was not injured. Verdi...

Category: Car Accidents, Mid Back Injuries, Other,

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Plaintiff contended that when he was 12 years old a family friend began to sexually abuse him  It occurred on numerous occasions and continued for approximately 4 years.  Defendant did not appear at trial. Verdict: $28,000,000: ($7,000,000 compensatory damages, $21,000,000 punitive damages. KNOW YOUR LEGAL RIGHTS. GET A FREE LEGAL CONSULTATION. Getting the maximum injury and accident s...

Category: Assault, Other Cases,

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Plaintiff and her two friends were shopping at Menards store when an employee placed an 8-foot long box of molding upright against a moving display at the end of an aisle where Plaintiff was standing.  A box fell and landed squarely on the back of the Plaintiff causing her to stagger.  Employees came to her assistance and she eventually walked out of the store on her own accord.  Plain...

Category: Cervical Spine/Neck Injuries, Fractures, Tears, and Dislocations, Premises Liability, Shoulder Injuries - Rotator Cuff/Other,

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Plaintiff was walking on the sidewalk when he slipped and fell on a patch of ice.  Plaintiff claimed that a downspout from a building created a river of ice on the public sidewalk.  Plaintiff sustained a trimalleolar fracture of his left ankle.  The defense denied there was a river of ice on that date or any other date. Verdict:  Deadlock (hung 11-1 for Defendant) KNOW YOUR LE...

Category: Ankle Injuries, Fractures, Tears, and Dislocations, Street Hazard,

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Plaintiff was stopped at a red light when his vehicle was rear-ended by an CTA bus driven by Defendant Petway.  Plaintiff sustained a slight tear of his left rotator cuff and a herniated disc at L5-S1 with radicular pain.  Plaintiff underwent physical therapy and epidural injections, and his treating physicians testified surgery may be possible in the future.  The defense blamed the co...

Category: Car Accidents, Fractures, Tears, and Dislocations, Rear-End Collision, Shoulder Injuries - Rotator Cuff/Other,

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Plaintiff was riding his bicycle in a designated bike lane when his front tire hit an uneven depression in the road surface and caused the bike to make an abrupt stop and threw the Plaintiff over the handlebars.  The road had been under construction for some time.  The Plaintiff sustained a comminuted displaced shoulder fracture with shoulder dislocation, requiring surgical repair.  Pl...

Category: Arm Injuries, Bicycle Accidents, Fractures, Tears, and Dislocations, Shoulder Injuries - Rotator Cuff/Other, Street Hazard,

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Plaintiff entered intersection on a green light.  Defendant McHenry County Deputy Sheriff was entered the intersection on a red light with her lights and sirens activated.  The two vehicles collided.  Plaintiff sustained $24,344 in vehicle property damage and $4892 in medical bills. Verdict: Not Guilty KNOW YOUR LEGAL RIGHTS. GET A FREE LEGAL CONSULTATION. Getting the maximum inj...

Category: Car Accidents, Other,

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