Reasons to Consult an Attorney after Auto Accidents

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You cannot control the actions of a careless or out-of-control motorist. However, with the help of a competent auto accident attorney, you can control your life, post-accident. That is where your road to recovery starts. An attorney will ensure your rights are protected and your burdens are lifted by making sure you get the compensation… Read more »

When Is A Store Owner Liable For A Customer’s Injuries?

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Risk of Liability for Storeowners Retailers are constantly at risk of liabilities most of which involve their customers. Generally, as property owners, they have a duty to ensure their property does not contain hazards. According to Illinois law, their customers are basically ‘invitees’ who are entitled to a reasonable amount of care while they are… Read more »

Slip and Fall Accidents in Winter Weather

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If you slip and fall in front of or on someone’s property during winter because they allowed snow and ice to accumulate, you may not be able to sue for damages. According to the law, property owners are not liable for allowing snow to accumulate on their driveway. So, it stands to reason, they are… Read more »

Can Rental Companies Be Held Liable For Accidents Involving Their Vehicles?

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Depending on the circumstances surrounding the accident, rental companies can be held liable for collisions that involve their vehicles. If the accident caused injuries or proved to be fatal, the compensation can be astronomical. While rental companies are usually not held liable for this in Illinois (since the customers who use their vehicles are not… Read more »

How You Can Stop Your Car if the Brakes Fail

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Imagine you are traveling at the maximum speed limit on the freeway and when you put your foot on the brakes – nothing happens. Your heart will start beating fast and you’ll start to panic. However, you can prevent a serious accident by following these tips. Get Out of The Way of Traffic Other drivers… Read more »

The Holidays, Hospital Visits and Burns

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The holidays should be a time when you relax and get together with loved ones. However, there is a reason why medical staff doesn’t get those days off. The emergency room is often filled with patients during this time who let the festive season get the better of them. From cooking family meals, to overindulging… Read more »

Calculating Pain and Suffering Damages

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An accident can have far reaching repercussions stemming from the injuries and experience of the car crash itself. If you find yourself involved in a car accident and are in recovery, basic daily activities can be challenging and pain may prevent you from sleeping, which can compromise your quality of life. This is the main… Read more »

Driving Safety Habits You Should Teach Your Teen

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Learning how to drive is a teenager’s greatest milestone. It makes them independent and as a parent, it shows you teen that you trust them on the road. However, even if you are excited to see your children grow up and reach this landmark, you cannot help but feel nervous. As a parent, you have… Read more »